Cyclone Acquires CS:GO Team

Tue 7th Feb 2017 - 6:56pm Gaming

Formerly known as Big Gods and TEAMMATES, after numerous member swaps, the Brasilian powerhouse, now consisting of dzt, land1n, NEKIZ, chelo and tatazin are joining the stormy side of Counter Strike:Global Offensive!

The Past:

The history of this team is nothing to look down upon as it achieved some significant feats during its lifetime. Starting off strongly by getting 1st place in the Liga Games Academy - Professional monthly tournament the roster showed great potential which was furtherly displayed as the team finished either 1st or 2nd in many Majors, including the Intel Gaming Challenge 2016 and ESL Brasil Premier League Season 2 - Finals.

The Present:

Arguably one of the best teams in Brasil right now, the Cyclone roster is striving for even more success and attainment! The kickstart to this will be our apparition in the ESEA Open Brasil, a 16 team elimination tournament starring the best teams from Brasil. The journey does not stop here though! In the span of 3 months, several challenges will stand in the squad's path, such as ESL Premier League Brasil (date yet unknown) which will be directly broadcasted by ESPN internationally and on and Brasil Game Cup Rio 2017 which you will be able to experience live at . Missing last year's opportunity to attend the ESEA GC, the team is determined to make the best out of every obstacle it faces this year!

The Future:

Just like any other competitive team, our goal is to become the best at what we do. Starting in the local scene we wish to grow out of it and endeavor a spot on the international level of CS:GO! Planting and defusing bombs is what we are best at, after all.


Follow the team:

land1n : @land1nf

tatazin : @tatazinfps

dzt : @


chelo : @

Welcome to Cyclone!




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